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  It is Sunday today.The weather is fine. Bob and Jane are in the park. It is a big park. They can see many people there. They come here to have a rest after a week's hard work and study. Some boys are playing   chess on the grass. Some girls are singing and dancing. An old woman is reading a newspaper under a   tall tree. A young man and his little son are playing with a toy car. How happy they are!


  ( )1. The weather is very good on Sunday.

  ( )2. Bob and Jane go to the park to work and study..

  ( )3. A young woman and her little son are playing with a toy car.

  ( )4. A lot of people are playing football on the grass.

  ( )5. All the people in the park look very happy.


  Aunt Judy's birthday is coming. She will be 38 years old. Dad and Mum are going to take me to her   house. She lives in Guangzhou. We are going to go there by train. Her birthday party will be on Saturday. We are leaving on Friday afternoon. And we are coming back on Sunday evening. I am going to give my dear Aunt Judy a picture . I am drawing it now. I am drawing some beautiful flowers. I am drawing a    small dog, too. That's because she likes dogs. The picture will be very nice.


  ( )1. Aunt Judy's birthday party will be on______.

  A Friday B. Saturday C. Sunday.

  ( )2. This is Aunt Judy's ______ birthday.

  A. thirty-eighth B. fortieth C. thirtieth

  ( )3. She lives in ______,so we are going there by_____.

  A.Shanghai;train B. Guangzhou;plane C. Guangzhou;;train

  ( )4. I am drawing ______.

  A some dogs and a flower B. some flowers and a dog C.a dog and a flower


  I'm a student in Class Four, Grade Three. My name is Mary. I'm nine. My twin brother's name is Li Mao. And we are in the same school, and in the same grade, but he is in Class Three. We are good students. Ihave a good friend. I call her Miss Ying Ying. Do you think call her Miss Ying Ying. Do you think Ying Ying is a good girl? No,you're wrong. She isn't a girl, but a cat. She is two years old, but she looks the same as her mother.


  ( )1. My twin _____ name is ______.

  A brother's;Li Wei B. sister's; Li Mao C. brother's;Li Mao

  ( )2. We are in the same _____ and in the same ____.

  A. school; grade B. school;class C. grade; class

  ( )3. My good friend Miss Ying Ying is a _____.

  A. girl B. cat C. dog

  ( )4. I am ______years old.

  A. ten B. nine C. nineteen

  ( )5. Miss Ying Ying is ______ her mother.

  A. not the same as B. not like C. the same as


  Look at that boy. His name is Liu Bing. He's a Chinese boy. He is in the kitchen. He likes apples. Su Yang is at home too. She is in the study. She likes drawing. Is Gao Shan at home?No, he is in the park. He is thirsty. He wants to drink some juice. Miss Li is in the office. Sheis reading.


  (   )1.Liu Bing is in the kitchen .

  (   )2.Liu Bing likes eating pears.

  (   )3.Su Yang isn't in the study .

  (   )4.Gao Shan is thirsty and he wants to drink.

  (   )5.Miss Li is drawing .
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